Inedible Metallic Dragrees

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Dragees - Gold

GD4 - 4mm (2.2lbs/ per Box)

GD5 - 5mm (2.2lbs/ per Box)

GD6 - 6mm (2.2lbs/ per Box)

GD8 - 8mm (2.2lbs/ per Box)

Dragees - Silver

SD2 - 2mm (2.2lbs/ per Box)

SD3 - 3mm (2.2lbs/ per Box)

SD4 - 4mm (2.2lbs/ per Box)

SD5 - 5mm (2.2lbs/ per Box)

SD6 - 6mm (2.2lbs/ per Box)

SD8 - 8mm (2.2lbs/ per Box)


Assorted Dragees

AD5 - 4.5mm (2.2lbs/ per Box)

(Colors: Assorted Colors)



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